Smile, You're on Camera

23 Oct, 2012 | BusinessTechTdp

As a man who shares an office with a person responsible for a fleet of vehicles, I'm acutely aware of how hard it is to determine who was to blame in a car accident and therefore who foots the bill.

With car insurers already using satellite tracking to monitor a driver's behaviour in order to reduce the cost for 'safer' drivers, how long will it be before we see cameras fitted to cover the front and rear of a vehicle?

It would certainly take the issue of blame out of the hands of unreliable witnesses, vague memories, outright liars and clerk interpretation and should provide a black and white answer to who was at fault.

Obviously there are issues of privacy, but as long as the information is stored encrypted, for a limited time and can only be accessed physically at the vehicle by authorised people I think you'd find a lot of people (businesses especially) would be happy to take it up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not massively keen on the idea from a personal perspective, but you only have to search YouTube to see how a camera can help visualize a situation better than any written description.