Microsoft's Other Cloud Strategy?

17 Jan, 2012 | ComputersTechTdp

So with the announcement of OnLive's service offering access to full copies of Windows and Office in the cloud (video), from the iPad initially, but any device going forward, are Microsoft looking at another potential cloud strategy besides Office Web Apps and Azure?

I've already had several people try and sell me 'desktop virtualisation' in a business environment.  I've already mentioned how I think it will come to the home environment (and Cringley's already doing it -- side note, I wish he'd write about more stuff like that).

It means Microsoft would become completely platform independent and even if people start to opt for Apples, or Chromebooks or whatever.  It's even a potential for service providers, who could start offering cheap thin clients to customers with access to Windows for a monthly fee (maybe an extra service for ISPs).  The customer never has to worry about upgrading, or hardware failing, or viruses (they could keep a full image as a back-up, which means near-instant restores).  This isn't a new idea I grant you.

But with that in mind, I wonder if Microsoft might buy any company who can help deliver remote sessions over DSL and 3G, the likes of Critrix, which I've heard decribed as a bolt-on for RDP which improves network efficiency so it can run over slow connections.