Is the Tablet Dead?

4 May, 2010 | TechTdp

So yesterday Apple announced it has sold 1 million iPads in the 28 days it’s been on release in the US.  That sounds like a pretty good success to me.  So why have Microsoft and HP announced the cancellation of their slate devices?  To be fair, there is suggestion HP’s product may be back running WebOs, the Palm operating system, as it acquired Palm earlier this year.  You can still get your hands on a JooJoo, but as they’ve only sold 64 so far, and they have impending legal action, it’s not made much of an impact.  There are still plenty of rumours of devices, but nothing out in the wild yet.  No one seems to be venturing a Windows 7 tablet either, which is what I want, maybe the OS isn’t touch-capable enough, or is too resource hungry to run on mobile platforms.  Apple seems to have the field to itself at the moment though.

As ZDnet suggests, be worried if you’re an ebook reader maker, your days are probably numbered.  Where is everyone else in the market though?  Apple just proved the demand is huge, you need to get devices into market now, while the trend is hot.