Saved by a Sorceress

10 Apr, 2004 | Fantasy FictionFictionTdpStory

Saved by a Sorceress is a full-length screenplay I wrote a year or so ago after watching Dungeons & Dragons.

For reasons that escape me now (i.e. after repeat viewings), I liked D&D. So much so it got me motivated to write my own Fantasy-based script.

So I started thinking of what you could do to make a good Fantasy film. There are seriously few of them if you look (LOTR really is the only series/film that's made any real money).

I struck at the idea of making a female lead. Something that is extremely rare in my experience of Fantasy novels and movies.

The result, was Saved by a Sorceress (and perhaps any readers will hope they had been too). It's far from perfect I'll admit, but it's kinda fun. I may go back to working on it at some point, redraft and make it better, I might not.

You can download it (119k, 103 pgs) in PDF format.