My Wet Shave Method

2 Feb, 2014 | TdpShaving

I thought I would document my method of wet shaving, everyone's seems to be different. It's probably worth saying that I only wet shave every other day (although I've started on Saturdays as well), with an electric razor shave in between.

So here's how I shave:

  1. Fill sink with warm water

  2. Soak brush in sink while filling (and shaving soap if I'm using a soap)

  3. Wet face with warm water

  4. Build lather (if on face, if in mug, do before wetting face)

  5. Shave with the grain (straight down my face, WTG)

  6. Re-lather from quantity generated previously

  7. Shave against the grain (ATG)

  8. Run my hand over my face and touch up any rough areas

  9. Rinse with cold water

  10. Have a shower

  11. (A while later I apply some aftershave balm)

The general approach I've seen/heard others discuss (and this is far from extensively researched) goes something like this:

  1. Soak brush

  2. Take shower

  3. Lather

  4. Shave with the grain (WTG)

  5. Re-lather

  6. Shave across the grain (XTG)

  7. Re-lather

  8. Shave against the grain (ATG)

  9. Rinse with cold water

  10. Apply aftershave balm/cologne

Perhaps the biggest departure is I shave before I shower. I do this because I've found that having a shower is the best way to seal any cuts or nicks. Alun bars and stypic pencils are, in my experience, useless. You're better off putting a small patch of toilet roll on any bleeding areas, but the shower works better (and is cleaner, and doesn't make you look so stupid).

I only do two passes -- mainly for time reasons -- one with the grain, and one against. This seems to provide a good, close shave, without the need for an extra pass. It's the method I used with my Mach 3 (without the re-lather in between) and seems to do the job pretty well.

I have an Alun block, and Geofatboy recommended rubbing it all over after a shave, rather than just applying to nicks. Personally, I found all it did was dry my face out, so I stopped (I only did this a couple of times).

So there you go, unconvential perhaps, but that's my method.