Work Related

28 Jun, 2004 | LifeTdp

I am in something of a quandry, maybe someone can help, maybe just writing it will clear my thoughts, but here goes...

I currently work in a dead-end job, in a job sector that I have no interest in. When I say dead-end, what I mean is there is no chance of forward progession, no promotion, it's a stepping stone to nowhere. I've grown to quite like it, but I don't intend on staying forever. The pay's not bad, but not great, and not getting better (no pay rise this year, not looking good for next). Originally I planned to stay a year max, well, that year ends on the 7th of July.

That's not the problem, or the reason for this post. The problem is that our work, in work, is disappearing. Many of our contracts were with the Chinese and, if you didn't know, they've currently got some internal problems that mean overseas investment and projects are on hold. It's expected to last a couple of months, three at the most. I say expected because no one really knows how long it'll last. In the meantime my/our workload is dwindling to a trickle. Actually find something to do all day so I can book to a project code is a challenge, and if there is work, most of the projects don't want people booking to it anyway, as they can't afford the hours.

So, if this goes on much longer, I'm probably out of the job. So, do I stick it out and hope the Chinese come through, do I wait with the possibility of being laid off hanging over my head, or do I leave now and start a fresh, take it as a new horizon, a new possibility? Go with what I know, or take a step into the unknown?

Answers on a postcard (or in the comments), if you please.