WordPress Templates

18 Sep, 2004 | WebTdp

The more observant of you may have noticed that this site is powered by WordPress (WP) (not, as has been suggested, by small rodents), which is an open-source, completely free bit of blogging software. All in all I love using WordPress, it makes it easy to add content and change settings, has great community support, a large selection of plug-ins that do nice things for both me and the readers (all three of you, hi mum) and means I can focus on writing content instead of fixing or improving things. Of course, it wasn't all plain sailing when I set it up. WP is not really designed for static pages (this is included in version 1.3 though) so things like about pages and whatnot are not straightforward to create, which meant a fair bit of hacking about to get it to work right (well, nearly right).

Anyway, back to my point. I like WordPress, I'm grateful to it's developers for doing, and continuing to do, a great job, and all for free. So, in an effort to return something for their work, I've created some simple templates to allow others to make their WP blog a little better looking (the standard template is pretty hideous, in my opinion). Hopefully, some of you may find them useful.