Where I Wander

28 May, 2004 | WebTdp

I visit a number of sites on a regular basis, partly for news, partly for comment, partly for their funny stories. So, in conjunction with updating my links, I thought I'd enlighten you al with some of the sites I visit, and why I do.

1976 Design/Dunstan (www.1976design.com/blog)
Dunstan's blog is a mix between technical insights to web design and development, exquisite photos and laugh-out-loud funny stories of his various escapades. Dunstan has a rare ability to turn any bizarre instance (and many not so bizarre ones) into extremely funny tales that you can't help but love.

Defective Yeti (www.defectiveyetiyeti.com)
A relative newcomer to my list, but exceptionally funny. I love Matthew's slanted view on the world, observational commentary at its best (and funniest).

.net forums (forums.netmag.co.uk)
Web forums linked to the .net magazine that I've been visiting for some time, originally for help and advice, now I have the opportunity to share some of my experience with others.

Hicks Design (www.hicksdesign.co.uk)
John may not post often, but when he does, it's usually worth it. He designed them new logos for Firefox and Thunderbird don't you know.

Photo Matt (photomatt.net)
A nice combination of web development, personal stuff and interesting links. Matt also develops WordPress blogging software.

The Sneeze (www.thesneeze.com)
Exceptionally funny stories, due mainly to Steve's unique eye on the world, one of my favourites is the tale of underage drug abuse.

What's New Pussycat (shauny.org/pussycat)
An Aussie in Scotland. It's funny to read about the cultural differences, someone exploring and strange country and the continual adventures of The Mothership.

Ebees (ebees.mowp.net)
Ebees is an e-business forum I set up because I couldn't find a decent one and all the other web forums I frequented didn't like people talking about e-business or business in general.

Kitta (kitta.net)
Aside from having a very attractive web mistress (not as rare as you might think), I like the humorous stories and memories.

Mezzoblue (www.mezzoblue.com)
The home of Dave Shea and an interesting read on most things internet and design-related.

SimpleBits (www.simplebits.com)
The home of Dan Cederholm and another interesting read on most things internet and design-related.

CSS Vault (www.cssvault.com)
Inspiration in a can, well, a website. A great collection of beautiful but functional CSS designed web sites. If only I was anywhere near this good.

A List Apart (www.alistapart.com)
The place to read up on CSS tips and techniques. Just wonderful stuff.

I obviously visit others as well, but these are ones I make sure to visit often. If you have any suggestions for others I should take a look at, drop me a line.