When Did I Change?

2 Jul, 2004 | LifeTdp

When do we change? I know we're constantly being subjected to different influences, peer pressures, expectations, but there must be a point when the shift happens. I say this because I just found myself thinking: hey, this Jazz song is nice, I like Jazz, I should listen to more Jazz. And this isn't the first time, I swear I said something like I'm really starting to like Jazz to one of my friends the other day. What's worse is he replied: Yeah, I know what you mean, I just bought a Jazz collection. And yet I remember thinking Jazz was hideous at some point.

Then I started thinking about it and I remember thinking how could the news interest anyone? It's just boring. I couldn't understand why anyone would read newspapers. Now I make a beeline for the BBC news pages to get my daily fix, in fact, I'm signed up to their newsletter. I remember being revolted by the taste of wine, now I can drink the stuff (well, I have to be desperate to drink white...). I still haven't developed a taste for Whiskey, but maybe that will come.

Does anyone else remember hating/being confused by people doing something only to find they do it now?