Version 2

7 Sep, 2004 | WebTdp

A site that has a great idea, but seems to have stopped, paused or fallen by the wayside is Version 2, another site by Paul Scrivens -- it's official by the way, Scrivs is the hardest working person on the internet, he posts more content on more sites than anyone I know, or have ever heard of, far more than any sane person should be able to.

The idea is to take a well-known, popular but poorly designed site and ask designers to give it a makeover. Great idea and there have been some good and interesting results so far (someone get IMDB to adopt one of those fast). The reason, I suspect, it has fallen by the wayside, is simple economics. You have to keep coming up with prizes every month or people will let their creative juices flow elsewhere.

With this in mind, I request that we all look about for a company (or companies) in the web/design sector who are happy to spend a couple of hundred bucks (it's a US site) on advertising via sponsorship of the site and it's prizes. You may even be able to donate in kind via products. So come on guys, someone out there must know a company, or work for a company, or have a friend/relative/pet dog with a large amount of surplus cash.

Thought: Of course, you could charge say $5 entry fee and whoever wins gets the lot, not sure if this would work, but hey, a thought.