To-Do Lists

19 Apr, 2007 | GeneralTdp

I am a list maker, for all sort of things, but most obviously for tasks I need to accomplish. For a long time I have been looking for a simple application that has flexibility but is quick and easy to add tasks to, group them by 'project' and run with the minimum of resources and fuss.

Every week there seems to be a new app or service to take a look at and try. I've tried Outlook, plugins for Thundrbird and numerous online services (including Ta-da lists). Recently I'd been using Google Desktop, I looked at Remember the Milk, a to-do list on my Netvibes page, adding them to a local version of WordPress, Thinking Rock and, most recently,

None of them seemed to do what I wanted though, so you can imagine my excitement when I found SproutLiner. In and of itself not remarkable. The system is clean and simple to use, but the hosted version leaves a bit to be desired, you can't login to an account, you just create a list by name. The good news is it's open source and you can download a copy and install locally (it's simple, only 4 main files). Took me a few minutes to setup (and a lot longer to modify the look slightly to increase the width, see my post on the forums if you wish to do the same). Now I have a local copy that works fast, is simple and quick to add items and equally fast to arrange them or add columns to store additional data. I quite like the idea of using it at work for projects (and somewhere hosted I could use wherever I was) and that's where came in. Based on the SproutLiner code (which means it's also freely downloadable), it adds easy of creating and managing multiple projects and a login system.

Anyway, if you're looking for a to-do system without all the hassles and extra functions I suggest you check them out.