The Wonder of Your Eyes

18 Apr, 2012 | Science And TechnologyTdp

I seem to be stumbling over a few weird facts about our vision that makes our eyes (and the part of the brain that processes sight) even more amazing.

Did you know you can't see static objects for example?  Your eyes have to constantly move to see anything stationary.  Apparently this is because, in a fit of bad design, light passes through blood vessels and other tissues before hitting the back of our eye (the retina).  They would block our vision, so static items are made invisible.  We we move our eyes, anything outside the eye moves relative to it, so is visible again, while the blood vessels move with the eye, so remain invisible.

We we move our eyes, our vision shuts down (does it)? - removal of the lens has meant some people have been able to see ultraviolet, notably Claude Monet.