The Secret Policeman's Ball

31 Oct, 2006 | EntertainmentTdp

A couple of weekends ago I went to The Secret Policeman's Ball. It's a title that's intentionally misleading. Rather than some form of dance for undercover members of the constabulary, it's actually a comedy event held on behalf of Amnesty International. Featuring a range of stand up routines and sketches, some were incredibly funny and some, weren't. It was actually held in the Royal Albert Hall, but it was beamed out live to a number of cinemas around the country and that's where I saw it.

Anyway, the reason I mention it is because it's being shown on Channel 4 tomorrow (Tuesday) and it's worth catching if you get the chance. The announcer was funny, not sure how much will make it, but look out for Andrew Maxwell, Russell Brand, the guy miming along to Natalie Imbruglia's Torn, the sketch with Richard E Grant, John Culshaw and Ronni Ancona doing impressions, the Mighty Boosh. As a rule of them, when the American's turn up, it's time to make tea.