The Race is On

4 Nov, 2004 | Written WordTdp

I have started my NaNoWriMo entry, just, but at 1502 words I'm certainly not out in front. Thankfully the office gateway guards haven't heard of their site so I can still login to update my word count and see how others are doing from here (but Live Journal, Blogspot and for some reason Photo Matt are all, for example, on the black list so I can't reach them or any blogs on them).

The cumulative count on the NaNoWriMo home page was comfortably over 53 million words when I looked earlier. Several people are over the 20,000 word mark, a couple I saw were north of 26,000, which puts them more than halfway there after just four days! I knew I wouldn't make up much in the week and was always going to be reliant on weekends to help me catch up. It looks like I might be staying over in the hotel this weekend, so hopefully I can use the time productively.