The News So Far

11 Mar, 2004 | LifeTdpBusiness

Well, I've finished one of my automated income streams (AIS) and my plan for world domination, well, giving up working for someone else, begins.

The first is a template monster-powered site called Eight-Eight Template. The competition is fierce so I've added a resources section with affiliate links and some ebooks I wrote myself (a much more time consuming process than it may look). I'm also planning on adding a newsletter archive and article section soon.

I'm still working flat out with a ton of new sites in development:


Template building for:
EKM Store
Another e-store service

New personal business development:
A mobile phone web site, using affiliate links to mobile services etc.
Allowing people to find takeaways in their area, and, where possible, see and online menu and then order online.

Various celeb and new movie sites
Classified listings site

Undecided houses-for-sale listings site

Photography site, selling prints of photos at reasonable prices

So keep your eye out, I really am aiming for world domination, albeit digital world domination.