The Mask

24 May, 2005 | TdpGeneral

I tell you what, kids today don't know they're born. I've got no idea what that saying means, but the old timers say it a lot. Anyway, I am referring to my trip to the supermarket over the weekend (well, technically, it's a hypermarket, but you get my point) where I spotted a Darth Vader voice impersonator mask. The point of said toy was to allow you to impersonate the Dark Lord of the Sith.

My first reaction was: why!? Everyone knows you can impersonate Darth Vader using an ordinary household glass, you don't need something that costs £29.99. Better yet, find a classmate with asthma, chase them around the playground with a glass and give them their chance to shine (before they turn blue and pass out).

Kids today, they don't know they're born.