The Lost World

15 Feb, 2005 | HistoryLifeTdp

There is a story that has become legend in my family and, I think, shows my greatness from an early age. The story goes that shortly after reading a book about dinosaurs at around age 5, I was with my mum and my little brother in a queue in W H Smiths when I decided to share the following insight: Look, mum, there’s a stegosaurus. Apparently I said it quite loud and I was very persistent, well, you would be if you’d just spotted the first dinosaur seen by man in the better part of 65 million years. Obviously I had noticed that they had evolved in that timeframe, a natural assumption when you stop to think about it. The fact that it now went on two legs instead of four, wore clothes, resembled humans and it’s armoured spines were now a bright orange didn’t fool me, no way. Check out the pictorial evidence below and see just how far ahead of the curve I was.

Image of a stegasaurusImage of a punk with spikey hair