The iPhone Inspired DIY Kitchen Touch Screen Project

19 Jan, 2010 | SnippetsTdp

Now, don't get me wrong, I think this project was awesome, I have been meaning to dip my toe into a bit of futurology again as I'm so keen to point out my past successes and PCs making their way into other rooms of the house is one such prediction (I know they already have to an extent, but I think this year will see a turning point when they start to take off).

Anyway, while I just spent some time surfing around trying to find a way to mount a laptop to the wall and I'm too lazy to bother cutting holes and the PC used is over-powered and power-hungry it suddenly dawned on me that this is another obvious calling for a tablet/slate (have they rebranded to avoid the connotations of 'tablet pc' after they failed before?). Create a little holder that bolts to the wall and you can slip your tablet in, which is already touchscreen, is completely self contained and can be taken out to use around the house or in other parts of the kitchen so making it far more flexible. Not to mention a whole lot cheaper.

When the first wall-mounting kit comes out, think of me.


via Lifehacker