The Eye of a Futurist

25 Jan, 2010 | GeneralTdp

I was looking at it and thinking I could quite happily read all the RSS feeds I subscribe to (short posts I read directly in the RSS reader, only if the article is interesting do I move on). This would be a great way to do it without the hassle of firing up the PC, especially if you could add a touch screen to allow easy navigation of sub-pages. In the short term, just adding a WIFI option to the Kindle would make it a far more usable (outside the US).

Of course, ideally, what you want is something with a larger (A4) touch screen, full colour, more memory, WIFI-enabled, while being slim and having less area around the screen, of course, what I’m describing is a tablet PC. I think they’ll make a big comeback in the next couple of years.

Sometimes I amaze myself.  I was trawling my site looking for something else (a post on Linux) when I stumbled across the quote above.  I wrote that in April 2008, long before the Apple tablet and even the Crunchpad were announced.  That’s smartphones and the resurgence of tablet PCs at least I’ve predicted, long before I remember hearing any expert mention it.  Seriously, somebody should hire me for technology journalism.