The Chronicles of Narnia

18 Aug, 2004 | EntertainmentTdp

I've just read (offline for a change) something that I didn't know, so you guys might not either. Apparently, Disney is filming The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. They're starting with perhaps the best known, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but plan to film all seven (I didn't even know there was seven).

It's apparently due for release at Christmas this year (obviously tying in the with the Christianity theme). Disney are hoping it will be a big merchandise money-spinner but said "the Narnia tie-ins would begin with interactive computer games before the launch of the first film but would not turn into such a flood that consumers tired of the action figures, stationery and other products well before the seventh and final instalment," (and I believe them, don't you folks?).

In the article with Andy Mooney, chairman of Disney's consumer exploitation products division, published in the Financial Times on Monday I especially liked the little dig at 20th Century Fox's handling of Star Wars merchandising, which left some merchandise on the shelves (shock horror). Lest we forget, Andy, Star Wars invented merchandising, dumbass. Incidently, I'm sure Disney really meant to under produce Buzz Lightyear toys in '99 (or whatever year it was).

Well, good luck to them, I enjoyed the novel(s) as a kid, but, from what I remember, I'm not sure this is likely to be a biblical-(gettit?)-sized pot of gold.