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29 Aug, 2005 | Science And TechnologyTdp

The BBC technology pages had a few interesting stories over the weekend:

First up was news that the BBC intends to simulcast (simulataneous broadcast) programmes on BBC 1 and 2 on the internet and TV. They also aim to make clips available for mobile phones. They're also aiming to debut more shows on the internet first as they did with BBC 3 comedy The Mighty Boosh.

Then there's news that NASA has been using the hubble telescope to look for possible locations for a lunar base. This is thought to be part of Bush's plans to revisit the moon by 2018. It looks like they can overcome the biggest problems of supplying oxygen, water, electricity and building materials for such a base, but they might have a problem from an unlikely source: people who have bought plots on the moon. I don't see it as a major problem, tell them to come and take the land back, should they ever make it to the moon, create some sort of independent committee to adjudicate, that'll put a hold on preceedings for two years or more, then you've got appeals, by which time we'll be on Mars.

Last but by no means least is Cellular Squirrel. No, it's not a new cartoon character or Hollywood turning an old series into a movie, this is the new thing in phone communication. Imagine your own furry friend which answers calls, determines if you should be disturbed, takes messages, passes on messages from you and does so without the annoying ring. No idea why they went with the squirrel design. Of course, what nobody seems to have pointed out is that this is, basically, a secretary. Not to mention how stupid you'd look wandering around with a squirrel in your purse/pocket/hanging from your belt.