Tech addiction 'harms learning' in young people

16 Sep, 2009 | SnippetsTdp

Their report concluded that modern gadgets worsened pupils' spelling and concentration, encouraged plagiarism and disrupted lessons.

The article finishes with:

Dr Nada Kakabadse from Northampton Business School said modern technology, such as mobile phones and handheld computer games, was having an impact on pupils' attention levels.

"They are hiding these things under the desks so their concentration cannot be equally divided, they are not focusing on what's going on in class.

"They can't get motivated to read for a long period of time."

Dr Kakabadse said pupils were also getting into a bad habit of plagiarism.

"For their homework, instead of reading the book, they go on the internet and lift it, rather than reading it and understanding it and putting it in their own words."

I know how disruptive having things like email and IM always on is at work so I can well imagine the problems this must cause in a learning environment.