T-Shirt Imp Redux

13 Feb, 2006 | TdpGeneral

Some time ago I had the idea to start a t-shirt shop, I was getting bored with the choices being offered by the major companies, nobody seemed to offer anything besides corporate branding, turning everyone into a walking advert. I saw sites like the T-shirt Hell and liked it, but there didn't seem to be too much in the UK, not on the same level. The two problems I had were that I couldn't find somewhere like CafePress to give me a way to setup printing in the UK and I couldn't find the time to do the designs I had in mind. I even went so far as to think up a name for the venture: T-Shirt Imp.

Well, Matt provided the answer to the first problem in the form of Spreadshirt, a German outfit that operates in a number of places, including the UK. The second I solved by coming off my high horse, not being so precious about the ideas and getting on with a couple. The result is a newly relaunched T-shirt Imp.

Spreadshirt isn't perfect, I've customised my store a bit, but it's far from ideal, I have to create a version of every shirt type if I chose to offer it, it lacks the ability to put them into categories, so you have to scroll through every page to see what's on offer, but I'll try and find a way around that. The nice thing is a free design library with some natty like things to help spice up your ideas quickly. Anyway, let me know if there are any designs you want to see on other products (mouse mats, mugs, tote bags and whatnot). I'll try and add more designs as often as I can (I haven't got too much graphical up yet).