Spider Bites

11 May, 2005 | Living WorldTdp

You can blame one of my work colleagues for this post. She sent round an email with photos of a bite from a Brown Recluse spider. A rare affect of the spider's venom is called Necrotic Arachnidism, which basically means the infected skins dies. It only happens in about 10% of bite cases apparently, and the affect depends greatly on the individual and the amount of venom, as well as the speed of treatment (the faster the better).

Now, I am scared of spiders. What I mean is: I. Am. Scared. Of. Spiders! Even pretty small ones. My first instinct is to freeze, it takes some willpower to overcome it. I don't know what triggers my primeval survival instinct, the legs, the movement, the alien look, but it triggers them just nicely. It's worse if I don't have any shoes on and increases in correlation to my lack of clothes. Anyway, the pictures were horrifying, which just intrigued me more, so off I went to find out more.

On my travels I came across a database of BR bites, with stories from the affected people. Some make harrowing reading. Some of the pictures are stomach churning, none moreso than the guy who had a bite on his thigh (warning: not for the faint hearted).

Anyway, some notes on the Brown Recluse I have found while hunting around:

I've got no idea who originally took the photos that were on the email, but I got my copies here