Song Lyrics

27 Apr, 2005 | TdpEntertainment

Listen to the lyrics on some of your favourite songs, a large number won’t make any sense. I’m of the opinion that what you say has no relevance to a song’s success at all, but rather the sound of the voice and how it works with the rest of the song is the important point. The voice is simply another instrument. What you say may have some importance, more due to the sound and tempo of the words, possibly even the shapes your mouth has to take in order to make the sounds (making it more fun to sing along to), but the actual meaning doesn’t, I believe.

Take, for example:

Here's a verse from Spiders by Moby on the album Hotel

Come back to us spiders
Come uncrush my hands
Let peace and beauty reign
And bring us love again, like you can

What the hell does that mean? Incidentally, I got some real weird alternatives, the most likely and, I think, most accurate lyrics where at

Have you actually read the lyrics to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody? And that's number 3 in the all-time bestsellers in the UK.