Social Network Slapdown

15 Jul, 2007 | WebTdp

I'm totally with Joe over at Webby's World regarding social networks. I have two problems with them:

Actually, I've just thought of a third: who wants to know what I'm up to in minute detail all-day everyday (aside from my mother)?

Maybe I'm too old to understand the attraction, maybe I don't have enough digital-literate friends to make it work, maybe I just don't have enough friends, but while kids with plenty of time on their hands may find them great for socialising while sat in their bedrooms I prefer to keep things separate. If I'm socialising I go to friends', they come over or we go somewhere. When I'm not out, I want my own space. I don't even use IM except at work (intra-office, great for quick checks with workmates and transferring files).