Site Tweaks

30 Nov, 2004 | Site UpdateTdp

I’ve made a couple of usability changes to the site over the weekend. On single entries you should see a little printer icon down by the details at the end of the post. This, as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, is to format the page for printing. You can, obviously, do this with an alternative stylesheet, but as the man in blue states this doesn’t necessarily make it the best way for end users. So I grabbed a copy of the print plug-in from GaMerZ and hooked it up.

I have also changed the way that comments work so that you are now forced to see a preview before finally submitting the comment. Now, I don’t get a vast number of comments (all together now, aaaah), but I know the number of times a preview has allowed me to see that what I've written is either badly constructed or nearly incomprehensible and been able to change it before showing the world my ineptitude. I’m using the ‘new and improved’ version of the Weblog Tools Collection plug-in by Codeman38 (download it here).

I also put together a little stats page, mainly for me. I was using the stats file from GaMerZ to start (which needs slight amendments to work in 1.3, see, but ended up using the multitude of individual plug-ins by Nick Momrik (aka MtDewVirus).

Thanks to all the plug-in authors, saved me a ton of time.