Shark Spotting

9 Oct, 2005 | Living WorldTdp

Tagging a Great White Shark

And you think your job's bad. These guys are trying to put a tag on a great white shark.

Recently they discovered a great white migrated from the southern tip of South Africa all the way to the west coast of Australia, a distance greater than any other fish has migrated. They think it might have been for mating purposes, possibly showing that the populations of great whites are in closer contact than previously thought. The route also seems to show that the shark could navigate there and wasn't some random course.

The reason for tagging the sharks was to try and find our more about them in an effort to further protect what is already an indangered species.

A cracking idea to be sure, but you still won't see me volunteering to be the bloke in the water trying to explain to the tons worth of shark that I'm doing this for their benefit and that they need to hold still and fight the urge to sink their teeth into what looks like a happy meal on legs with a purple jacket on.