Sandwich Spread

27 Oct, 2005 | GeneralHistoryTdp

The flippin' Yankees are trying to barge their way into yet another British institution and failing miserably, again. They can't make tea and they can't make sandwiches either (mainly because they don't know how to bake bread).

Next they'll be trying to claim an American stole the secret recipe for scones and that only they make true scones or that black pudding was originally brought back from the Americas by Columbus.

There are times when I think kicking the rogues out of the Commonwealth was the best thing we ever did, most of the time I'm certain of it, only a bunch of heathens would through boxes of perfectly good tea into the sea.

(Note to any US readers: please observe the heavy hint of sarcasm that threads its way through this post, the rest of the world knows you don't get irony -- it's well documented -- but I'm not so sure how well you get sarcasm either.)