Robin Hood Returns

17 Sep, 2006 | EntertainmentTdp

Robin HoodRobin Hood returns to television shortly after an absence of 20 years. Coming this autumn (no specific date yet), the BBC will launch a new series called, surprisingly, Robin Hood. It looks to be following the plot of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves by having Robin return from the crusades to find an oppressed land, then take up arms to fight for the poor.

I'm a huge fan of the story, Prince of Thieves was the first film I ever saw twice at the cinema, incidentally, my record is held by Jurassic Park, which I saw four times in all.

It doesn't star anyone particularly famous (usually a good sign for a TV series), but the actors have some good background looking at the bios, with Keith Allen (now famous as Lily Allen's dad) taking on the role of the Sheriff, Jonas Armstrong as Robin, Lucy Griffiths as Marian and Richard Armitage (who I last saw in North and South) as Guy of Gisborne. They also seem to have a nice range of support characters who should bring depth and humour.

There's also a game going to be released based around the series, which is a first I think.

I'm looking forward to it.