Retro: My First Day in Canada

13 Apr, 2004 | TravelTdp
View from my hostel window: the CN tower

View from hostel window

During my round the world travels, I wrote a kind of journal, when I could, through an online service (Travelpod). I rediscovered some of them recently, and with some editing they make light reading so I decided throw them up (on the site) when I run out of anything else. You might like them.

Looking down from the CN tower

Looking down from the CN Tower

After finding the local tipple (Moosehead, what a great name, called so because after a night on it you feel like you have a moose head, or so I'm told) and some people who would put up with my ramblings, I was ready to face my first full day in Canada.

I started with the CN tower (which they say is the tallest structure in the world, but I thought it was that one in Kuala Lumpur, anyhow Edit: It's the tallest free standing structure in the world, not the tallest building, that goes, currently, to Taipei 101, Taipei, which overtook the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur). I can tell you this, it's bloody high. Great views, and the glass floor bit, despite telling myself that it can obviously hold my weight (but still waiting for a fat person to test it ahead of me) saw me edging out cautiously.

Then I had to ring and wish my little sis happy birthday, which found me singing 'Happy Birthday' to her in the middle of the street on a payphone.

Next was the Skydome (a sports ground with a closing/opening roof), the best bit being the TV (the third largest in the world and 110 ft wide). Now if only I could figure out how to get it back on the plane....

I'm still having trouble adjusting to the fact that they drive on the right over here (on the right, not in the right, mind). It's dumb luck I haven't been run over yet.

Oh well, best get in another moosehead and decide what to do tomorrow.