Rest Easy OCD

23 Sep, 2007 | ComputersTdp

I've mentioned before my slight OCD tendencies. Turns out a number of my workmates are likewise afflicted (a lot more people than you realise, it might be just because we're getting older and like things a certain way, scarily I have noticed I'm getting set in my ways and I haven't hit 30 yet!). It's probably no surprise that one of my favourite apps/utilities is Taskbar Shuffle. All it does is let you move applications around on your Windows taskbar (yes, I know I run on a Mac, but at work I still use Windows), simple, yet so great.

When you have two apps you're switching between it much easier if their beside each other, or you like your apps in a specific order, like me, then when one crashes or you reboot or start them out of sequence you can now easily sort them out.

Taskbar Shuffle is freeware, but make a donation if you like it.