Providing Some Insight

10 Aug, 2013 | Self-publishing

It’s always interesting to know where an idea came from, so I’ve updated the book pages to include background on how each story came about, some of the ideas I had kicking around for years, some are much more of the moment.

Ideas, at least for me, can come from any number of places, even from existing books and films where I’m intrigued by a twist on the story they’ve told. Some come from news articles, some from thinking about new technologies, others may be inspired by something someone said.

It usually starts out with one small idea for me, usually a single sentence. That’s the acorn and the rest typically grows from there. Unlike Rowling seeing Harry fully formed, mine usually revolve around a concept or situation first and the characters are added as the story develops.

Any time I stumble across or think of an idea, I add it to a collection of them I keep, and if I’m looking for inspiration for a tale, I peruse it. Some are very vague, some are very specific.

So go have a look and think about what you’d have made from them.