Print Option

13 Mar, 2005 | WebWritten WordTdp

If I’m surfing about and I’m not in the mood to read an article then and there, because I don’t have time for example, or I want to grab something to read later (a frequent occurrence when you don’t have permanent net access), I often print it to pdf and save it. Needless to say, it irritates the hell out of me when there is either no print stylesheet or print option which removes all the crap no one wants to read (like the navigation links for example). It’s not particularly hard, with CSS you don’t have to even supply a separate copy of the page to allow easier printing, so, and I’m talking to everyone here, to help you get yourselves sorted for prints if you publish anything online, I’ve compiled the following useful links:

WordPress Print Plugin
A List Apart: Going to Print
Printing and User Expectation