Presenting Eric Joyner

28 Nov, 2006 | Art & PhotographyTdp

I don't remember how I came across Eric Joyner's art, only that I did. You'll know if you've seen his work because a lot of it (certainly the stuff I think he's most famous for) features images of old school robots coming to life in a variety of situations (oh, and donuts). I find it really evocative, and strangely nostalgic too (and look similar to Norman Rockwell in style). He's even got some Dali-esque ones if that's your bag.

Anyway, the reason I mention is because at some point I emailed Eric (about getting a print from somewhere in the UK/Europe, no could do) and I got put on his mailing list. Today I got an email from the Corey Helford Gallery because they have an exhibition of Eric's work, called Forbidden Adventures, on 2nd December (there are some more shows in San Francisco). I like a few of them (not enough to buy the originals), especially Cantina Blues.

I like most of Eric's work you can find on his site, particular favs are: I/O Jima, Arrival, The Usual Suspects but The Final Blow stands above the rest for me (Smackdown is in a similar vein), great stuff. Now, if I can find somewhere that does framed prints over here I'll be well happy.