Pratchett on Fantasy and Sci-Fi

14 Nov, 2007 | Written WordTdp

After finishing Hogfather recently I was hunting on You Tube for clips from the Hogfather special that Sky showed last year to see whether it was worth buying it (I probably will, but a cheaper single-disc version seems to be due later this month so I'll wait). Anyway, I stumbled across a BBC interview with Terry Pratchett by Mark Lawson and right at the start they discuss the fact that Pratchett's books are only found in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section of a bookshop and never in the bestseller list, which links into my recent rant. The clip is shown below (hopefully).

There's a few clips on You Tube, but you can see the full version of the interview here and it's very interesting if you want to take a look. He started out as a journalist and then went to work in PR for the Central Electricity Generating Board, which included a number of nuclear reactors, at a time when nuclear accidents seemed common. He says it kept him busy but he used to write to help him unwind.