23 Apr, 2005 | WebTdpEntertainment

I hang out at some small business forums (don't ask) and one of the guys there, Alex Bellinger, runs a weblog called smallbizblog (you see what he did there, it's a small business blog, damn clever these PR types). So what? Well, Alex has recently taken up the latest craze on the interweb and is offering podcasts (run from a separate site called SmallBizPod, there's that clever naming again) on small business matters, doing interviews and such. Now, I'll admit that podcasting (no, not fishing for whales, but subscribable audio feeds, source) have kind of passed me by so far, but fair play to Alex, he's taken it up and run with it and now I'm finally starting to see the potential.

I was under the impression these things would mainly be poor-quality shows with youngsters being annoying and breaking copyright by playing their favourite tracks. Alex, on the other hand, has approached it with a high degree of professionalism (it helps he has a voice that wouldn't be out of place on Radio 4). There's interviews and news and a close-out song, all recorded at a quality that sounds comparable to any radio show I've heard. Congratulations to Alex, and if small business issues are your thing, head on over, but I'm now really excited about someone producing some unique and interesting content on some more exciting topics. And how long will it be before people start taking audio or video equipment along to conventions and gigs?