Overseas Update

3 Nov, 2004 | GeneralTdp

I write to you from my work machine (which is strictly forbidden) as, although the hotel has wi-fi, it's charging a bloody fortune for it (€9 for 2 hours, that's about £6.50/$11) which is extortionate (or just plain extortion). Hence my lack of any updates.

Nothing particularly exciting to tell, I seem to be spending most of my time trying to get return flights and next week's accommodation organised, no mean feat trust me. The next challenge of the day is getting something to eat tonight. If I was on expenses I'd eat in the hotel restaurant, very nice, but too pricey for my budget every night. Plus I'm supposed to be writing a 50,000 word novel! So far I've racked up an underwhelming 235 words. Plus I'm not sleeping well, and that makes me grumpy as well as tired. So tonight I'm hoping to find something to eat which won't involve me hanging out in the bar for a couple of hours to look sociable, allowing me to raise the word count a little at least.