Out Now: Off the KUF Volume 1

10 Nov, 2013 | Self-publishing

I hang around over at the UK Kindle Users Forum, it’s a great place to engage with other self-published authors (and some readers too).

Lou does a great job running the show over there, but he’s the one who bears the costs of keeping the lights on while the rest of us enjoy it. So we decided to see if we could contribute and, being authors, we went with writing a few stories. A plan was hatched for an anthology, with forum member David Wailing volunteering to run the sucker.

It garnered a bit of interest (not least because authors are always looking for some free publicity), and so many stories were submitted it has now been split into three parts. The first one is out today, and for a measly £1.99 (or $2.99) you get 30 stories, by 25 authors, totalling over 100,000 words (and that’s just part one!).

Why all the bluster? Well, I submitted a short story and it was accepted. Granted, my story isn’t in the first part, I’m reserved for part two (obviously the best part), which is due out in December, with part three to follow in February. Yes, that means you’ll be hearing about this all over again soon.

In the meantime, go check out part one, there’s plenty in there and such a mix everyone should find something to love. And did I mention it’s only £1.99/$2.99 – you can’t buy a cup of fancy coffee for that. What are you waiting for? Go now.