4 Oct, 2004 | BusinessGeneralTdp

I'd like to start by confessing that this is a blatant plug, but it's my site, so I can do what I want.

I've been working on an idea for some time and it's now about ready to launch. OrderTakeaway.co.uk is a directory that allows you to search for takeaways (i.e. fast food) in your area, check out their menu and then place an order online.

For takeaway owners this means they can publish their details online and gain access to their customers via a cost effective medium -- the Internet. Depending on the package they sign up for it also means they can save costs on printing and distributing traditional menus by having one online, giving customers access to their menu 24 hours a day. It means their menu stays up-to-date because they can change it to show special offers, additions or price changes, at any time, and with immediate visibility. One of our packages even allows customers to place orders from the comfort of their PC, which means takeaways have less people tied up answering phones while never missing an order because they're engaged or busy. There's no need for any specialist hardware to receive orders, just a fax machine or a mobile phone, depending on which option is chosen. There's even a range of packages to choose from so that takeaway's can find an option that best fits them.

For everyone else it means that you need never be without a takeaway menu again. It also means you can find the takeaways in your area without having to drive around searching for them and you can order without needing to phone up or pop in. Apart from net junkies like myself who prefer to find things online, it means that if you're in work, or even staying away from home, and have access to the Internet, you can find takeaways, see what they offer and order all in one place. For example, you could order your takeaway from work so you can pick it up on the way home, without having to make a phone call that is obviously not business related.

So, that's it. Obviously I'm keen to get it off the ground and running, so, if you feel inclined, tell everyone you know about the site and what it offers. As an added incentive, I do have an affiliate scheme (check out the affiliate scheme) so you can earn 10% of the account price for every takeaway you sign up and earn your next takeaway the easy way.

Thanks for your time, and for putting up with my sales pitch, the usual service will resume shortly.