25 Feb, 2005 | TdpLife

I’m worried that I am an obsessive-compulsive. Shauny wrote about her distaste for people who leave time remaining on a microwave, and I completely agree, I hate it when people don’t clear the time remaining. I’ve noticed a few more things recently though, which may be signs of my continued evolution towards becoming a cantankerous old bar steward, or possibly something else. Take email for example. Both the email applications I use regularly (Thunderbird at home, Outlook at work) have little visual warnings to let me know new mail has arrived. I can’t help it, I’ve tried, but when I see that envelope, I must switch to my mail client and read it. There’s an uncontrollable draw. When I try and ignore it I’m still aware of its presence as a slight tugging at the edge of my consciousness. Carrying on with the computer theme, I like to have my programs arranged in a particular way along the taskbar (for example, my email app is always first on the left). I’d argue that this is a productivity trait, I subconsciously know where my apps are on the taskbar so I can get to them without thinking about it or having to look at each item until I spot the icon I need, but I’m not sure.

Mind you, at least I'm not as bad as mum, she won't eat with knives and forks that don't match, or drink out of certain styles of cup, and more besides. Maybe I am normal after all.