Night Watch

3 Jan, 2005 | EntertainmentWritten WordTdp

Okay, now I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge Pratchett fan, even after reading the first two Discworld novels, but having heard so much good stuff about him, I decided on another try. So, earlier this year, I got hold of some more of his books. They were birthday presents, so I didn’t get much say in which, but one was Guards! Guards!, the first of the Guards series, and the other was Night Watch, the last of the five.

Well, I’ve just finished Night Watch and it’s superb. Sam Vimes is the lead character of the series (certainly in the two I’ve read) and is wonderfully written. The books are infused with Pratchett’s witty, keen eye, his word play is hilarious and the pokes at fantasy stereotypes are well made. The books are well worth a look, whether you’re a fantasy fan or not.

I haven’t read the other books in the series (Men at Arms (ordered), Feet of Clay (ordered), Jingo, The Fifth Elephant) though, so if anyone wants to swap them for either the first or last in the series, or any of those listed at List Stuff (my second-hand stuff site), and I have others which aren’t listed online yet (something I really need to get on and do), then drop me a line.