NaNoWriMo Novel Ideas

19 Oct, 2004 | Written WordTdp

I need your help folks, and I need it fast. I trawled through my ideas list, finding it decidedly lacking, certainly on the potential novel front (more ideas for films), the ideas have to be broad enough to shoot out 50,000 words on don't forget, but here's a few:

  1. Science Fiction. Some high profile deaths have sparked a tense investigation. A cop, unorthodox, but the best there is, and his android partner try and figure out who is killing these people and how. It looks like someone is overloading their 'wetware' -- neural implants in the brain -- but that is supposed to be impossible.

    Problems -- to get the technology and investigation techniques right might need a lot of research, something I doubt I'll have time for.

  2. Action/Romance. A combination of two ideas. A girl who is passionate about a cause (what?) is on the run (from who, from what?) and runs into a stranger, a rich guy who's motivation is money, she asks him for help (to hide her) not knowing who he is. He becomes entangled in her story and has to revaluate his goals -- is money a real motivator?

    Problems -- not sure if this has a lot of length, somewhat cheesy.

  3. A detective is fed up of facing dumbass criminals, he wants a real villain to go head-to-head with, a Mr Big, a Hannibal Lecter. So, he invents his own, creating crimes and crime scenes using his knowledge, then leading the investigation (being careful that he is doing it right so as not to get caught out). Someone -- who? -- starts to have suspicions and starts to noticed inconsistencies.

    Problems -- the whole investigation and crime scene techniques and evidence would, ideally, needs some in-depth research, plus it'll need detailed planning to make sure clues are left in the right places.

  4. A company tries to get a country (the US) to go to war so that the government will pass a bill/legislation that will allow their product (e.g. GM crops) to be made legal and allow production.

    Problems -- I need to understand how US politics, command structure and responsibilties work.

Personally, I like 1 and 3 best, 4 could have ranging possibilities, but I'm asking for your help in deciding, or, if you have any suggestions for stories, let me know.