My Kid Could Paint That

11 Aug, 2007 | Art & PhotographyTdp

On Apple trailers I stumbled across an upcoming documentary called My Kid Could Paint That, about Marla Olmstead, who started selling her work at the age of four. Marla makes modern art not unlike Jackson Pollack (better in some of the works I've seen). The documentary looks at the reception of Marla. Some people praise her as a prodigy, some claim it shows what crap modern art is if a four-year-old can make it.

I don't think this is the only case of someone very young producing abstract art that sold, indeed, there are various animals that have. My views on modern art have been mentioned before on this site. Having said that, I quite like Marla, from what I've seen, and some of her art is nice, I like it, but then, some of it is crap. The question I would like answered is, if you gave an ordinary kid access of oil paints and canvass would they produce great works to? Most are limited to primary colour poster paints, which they knock out in a short space of time.

You can see the trailer on Apple here.