MS Has Them Quaking

16 Aug, 2004 | EntertainmentTdp

Over at the wonderful slashdot (/.) I spotted a great post about the alleged fear the film industry has of Microsoft. Does anyone else find the thought of incredibly large multi-national entities that thrive on vertical integration and ruthless ethics being afraid of something (even if it is Microsoft) causes a little chuckle? More to the point, does anyone else think this has the basis for a film script?

On a completely different note, a French author appears to have got the work ethic dead right. I should probably tred carefully here (my work colleagues have now found this site, hey guys, I didn't mean any of those things about you, honest), but as someone who is in a job that has no chance of promotion (they did try and introduce some 'gradings' so we remained motivated and that's working -- anyone noticed how sarcasm really doesn't carry through to the written word?) I definitely hear what she's saying. Apparently the book's loaded with tips, let alone reasons. I can't wait for an English language version.