Masdar: Abu Dhabi's carbon-neutral city

27 Sep, 2010 | Science And TechnologyTdp

Reading the reports of Masdar, a revolutionary city, if it works, you're waiting for them to say this is just a concept, but they're actually building it.

The city, in the desert of Abu Dhabi, is using some old technology, a lot of new technology and will continue to develop and experiment. It's a fascinating concept, amongst the design features:

There's some pretty exciting ideas, and they plan to continue to test and tweak new and existing technologies.

It'll be interesting to see if it works, if it pans out and what it'll be like when covered in rubbish and graffiti and half the transit pods are out of action.

It really is a bold idea though, these sort of grand projects are the sort of thing every nation should all be striving for.