Lost Connection

20 Nov, 2004 | Site UpdateWebTdp

I have paid an uncommonly large amount of money to wirelessly access the internet in my hotel, far more than a monthly service at home would cost, and what's more galling is that this sort of thing would be free in a hotel in the States.

To make matters worse, I tried to connect on Friday to find it wasn't there, there's no sign of the wireless router/access point. I phoned reception, no one will be out to look at it until Monday! So the only access I have now is via some ancient machines downstairs, which are operated by a different company, which means I have to pay more money.

Hopefully this will explain my lack of posting until I get back to work. What annoys me more is that I specifically didn't post anything at work because I was looking forward to using my machine and having an uninterrupted weekend of access.