London 2012

6 Jul, 2005 | GeneralTdp

Well, the winner of the host for the 2012 Olympic games has been selected and the IOC announced that the games would be held in London. Personally, I wasn't that fussed. On the other hand I found it highly amusing that we seem to be stacking up points against the French of late. I'd also like to think that this will perhaps boost Britain's collective ego and let us recognise our significance on the world stage (we just beat our biggest competitors in the G8). We last held the games in 1948 (mind you, it was 1924 for France). That's a bit of a gap. I think even the we were surprised we won it, fully expecting Paris to get it.

Congratulations to the bidding team, commiserations to the unsuccessful teams, now all we have to do is make it happen.