13 Oct, 2007 | TdpWeb

OK, so I've given in to the charms of Lotte over at LocateTV. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago to see if I wanted to have a go at their limited beta and provide some feedback. Shortly thereafter it went into public beta anyway. Obviously the aim is to get as many people talking about it as possible to get the word out and garner free publicity and links.

LocateTV is a specialised search for finding TV programs, it's not really IMDB for TV, but it has many similar features, it's main goal is to allow you find when a show will next be on air (so if you miss Heroes you can see when it's repeated, for example). It has some other great features too, like the ability to embed this information in your site, so if you run a Heroes fan site you can embed some code which will be updated to show when it's next on TV so you can let all your visitors know. You can do this for actors too, so if you love Keira Knightly or Colin Firth or whoever, you can easily see when they're next on the box (kind of like stalking by TV). You can limit to a region, and select what services you're interested in (if you don't get Sky then obviously you're not interested in getting results on Sky channels).

So, useful for finding when a show, or movie, or actor is next on the box.