19 Mar, 2005 | LifeTdp

Apparently laughter is a survival trait, a way of showing an enemy that you are no threat, it’s also a stress reliever and is clinically proven to be good for you, boosting your immune response for example. Everybody laughs differently, but on the whole (and with wonderfully numerous exceptions) men laugh with their whole body, big and hearty and from deep in their diaphragm; women tend to be much more controlled, refined and polite (most women laugh with what is best described as a titter, a word that should be used more often); but the best laughs are reserved for small children, a chuckle that seems to reach into your very soul, that brightens the darkest day and removes any worries. It is filled with the purest of joy, unadulterated by any of the woes and worries of the world. It is the simple things that make like worth living.